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Clogged drains or pipes can lead to some serious issues. Whether the clog is at home or at work, stagnant water that sits in sinks and toilets is a hazard to your health and should be taken care of immediately. Here at Preston Nealy Plumbing, we offer a different approach to cleaning out clogs. Our Electric Drain Cleaning service is a dream come true, and is sure to get rid of your clogs no matter how backed up they are.

Our Electric Drain cleaner is commonly known as a “snake” and is operated by an electric motor that flexes a cable in a clockwise direction down the pipe and towards the clog.

The advantages of using an Electric Drain cleaner include the following:

  • Remove solid clogs
  • Extendable Length
  • Navigate through pipes with sharp angles

The use of an Electric Drain Cleaner is the ultimate weapon in clog warfare. It also eliminates the safety hazards associated with using acids and chemical reactions to unclog drains. Electric Drain Cleaning is one of our most popular services and specialties.

If you have been having trouble with a particularly bad clog, we guarantee that the results achieved by our Electric Drain Cleaning will meet and then exceed your expectations.

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